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Tips for Social media marketing for your business

A social presence can help making your brand known and spreading your message.

written by Vikas  Topic Technology

A social presence can help making your brand known and spreading your message. In today’s age where social media platforms proliferate and are widely used, the benefits can be immense.

For social media efforts to really work it has to be understood well and the process thought through before implementing. Here are a few useful tips for getting the most out of social media marketing for your business.

Identify the playing ground

While each social media platform is unique and powerful in its own way, there are some that could be more effective for you than the other. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or even the world of blogging, video platforms like Youtube or even podcasts, assess these thoroughly before beginning.

Starting with a social media marketing plan

You could choose to work with an outsourced agency or build your in-house team. What is important is evaluating where to invest time and resources and to what extent.

The increase in website traffic, new customer acquisition, sales and revenue generation, ongoing customer engagement – these must be chalked out.

Building an execution strategy

Once the plan is in place, flesh it out by having overall business outcome goals and individual platform key result areas. Scaling up of users and engagement on the social media platforms is necessary.

A content strategy specific for each scenario needs to be worked out. Besides a constant flow of new content, repurposing old content keeps the brand refreshed. Use of video, forums, infographics and geolocations are some handy tools to get mileage out of.

Building a community and keeping the buzz on, encouraging content sharing, being participative in discussions and specific focus on select target audiences – like millennials – are key to a good social media plan.

Use the wide array of tools and techniques available to enhance efforts. Examples can be social media sites and tracking tools, the practice of URL shorteners, adopting hashtags, use of templates and posting calendars and schedulers.

Being consistent in your tone, and time and frequency of posting is important. Similarly, each platform needs to have an appropriate approach and volumes. Also, make sure your message and your content are in sync.

Monitoring your social media marketing plan’s progress

Social media can be a very fluid and unpredictable area to operate in. Hence, it is important to constantly monitor progress. Having periodic audits of agreed KRAs help ensure you are on track.

Keep a close watch on the conversations too. Where there is good feedback doing the rounds, harness it by bumping it up and sharing it further. But the moment there is an adverse mention, jump in quickly to douse it and even come out as a stronger brand.

Social media marketing cannot be ignored today and only the best practices pay off for your business. When used well, besides presenting your brand in the best light, it can also further your business interests tremendously.

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