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Tips for increasing productivity of your employees

For any organization to function at top productivity levels, it is a widely understood truth that the employees need to be performing at ...

written by Vikas  Topic Finance

For any organization to function at top productivity levels, it is a widely understood truth that the employees need to be performing at peak form. But what exactly determines the condition of the workforce to be ready to do this?
Here are a few proven tips to increase the productivity of your employees. 

Social engagement

Treat your employees not just as a mere headcount but as human beings out to build a career, earn a good living and eager to contribute to the company’s growth. Building a family-like ambiance by closer interactions and understanding them as people more than workers helps cut the ice.

Having periodic employee bonding sessions like group lunches, outings and recreational timeouts are some good examples of engaging with them socially.

Motivation at work

Most employees are keen to do well at work and take care and pride in exceeding expectations and goals to contribute and grow. To help them be productive, involve them in important assignments and delegate where possible. Monitor progress without interfering. Compliment them for a job well done.

Building a transparent and solid incentive structure is key to enhancing performance levels. Make sure these are achievable but also requiring them to strive to improve on themselves.

Work life balance

Respecting the personal life of your team members is really important. Without deliverables getting affected, allowing for giving them flexibility in completing their work is appreciated. Work from home and flexible hours can only result in their plugging more deeply into the work environment.

Clarity and transparency

Set your expectations clearly with your team. Each employee should have a crystal clear and formalized goal setting done with the key result areas defined and discussed. This can prevent any confusion later on when performance evaluation is done.

Continuous and periodic feedback is important too. But do make sure that is given in a clear and constructive manner. Being transparent on company plans and news will make employees feel they are a part of the organization and they are respected too.

A conducive work environment

Having an office environment that employees can be comfortable with and be proud of goes a long way to enhance productivity. This can include basic amenities and a sound work infrastructure. Regular training programs and workshops point to a management culture that cares for the employees to do better.

Other good practices involve a culture of less number of distractions (like meetings that are not productive), empowering them to do work better, and facilities like transportation, meals, and recreation.

Organizations that practice the above points and have managers who are role models themselves have seen that it is possible to increase the productivity of their employees and have a good growth story all around.

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