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Role of HR in today's workplace – Adapting to changing times

HR is no longer just a compliance function. It plays more of a strategic role in the business organizations of present days ...

written by Vikas  Topic Finance

HR is no longer just a compliance function. It plays more of a strategic role in the business organizations of present days, evolving into more of an all-encompassing role. In an environment where competition is high and change is the only constant, an HR manager has to put on the role of a marketer, data analyst, consultant, and change agent.

It is expected that in a world of digitalization and virtual reality, the HR should be well versed with the technologies of the day. An open mind towards change, better understanding of the business, identifying critical players and creating winning managers are some of the roles the HR is expected to play in today’s workplace. As a change agent, she should be at the forefront, leading the organization towards positive changes and growth.

Creating Productivity

A well-designed workplace environment is a trigger to productivity. However, it is not easy to create a workplace that is equally appealing to all employees. But, if it can be done, then it would help in increasing the productivity. This is achieved by making the workplace a dynamic stage, which can accommodate different tastes and needs. For instance, if factors like technological advancements, working offsite and flexibility in terms of hours of work can make a positive change in the business, it should be encouraged.

Employee wellbeing

This continues to be the core of the HR practices. There is a growing demand for gender equality and equal pay. A lot of emphasis is also on preventing workplace harassment. The HR manager has to be more sensitive and approachable than ever before. Employee well being can be neglected at the cost of goodwill.

Attrition worries

Although the millennials might come with varied experience, their attrition rates could be higher than the previous generation. However, if the HR can promote employee wellbeing and communicate the same to the millennials, it can have a positive impact on them.

Continuous learning

Since change is constant and regular, it becomes necessary to learn continuously– for both the employees and the HR. Most of this learning is digital and soon, all learning resources would be available in the digital form. Even the certificates and credits are becoming digital.

People management

An effective HR also acts as a sounding board for people management. As the workplace is full of tension and uncertainties, the HR has a vital role to play to ensure the employee welfare. A good HR would be one who is able to balance the technological aspects and the human aspects in a workplace. You can’t ignore one for the sake of the other.

The employees are the most precious assets of an organization. The HR should aim to hire to retire so that the resources can be best utilized.

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