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Changing role of charity in providing essential services

In today's globalized world. charity is any act of kindness or well-being, helping your neighbor or giving a meal to ...

written by Vikas  Topic Environment

In the simplest form, charity is any act of kindness or well-being. In a micro sense, helping your neighbor or giving a meal to the needy, are all acts of charity. However, at the macro level, it takes a bigger form and role. The greatest impact of charity has been in the areas of health, education and social welfare. But, as with other things in the society, the role of charity has also changed in the globalized world.

Over the years, the charity and social sector has played a crucial role in creating a strong society all across the world. There are millions of people directly or indirectly involved in charity works. Today there are charity organizations with an annual income of more than 100 million dollars. The number of people working with various charity organizations across the world would be more than the number working for big corporate houses. Yet, the sector is not without challenges.

The public services sector

The greatest change can be visualized in the public service sector. As the life expectancy increased, it brought in the problem of aging. Geriatrics is one of the focal points for charity in the public service sector as more and more aged people are in need of help. In several countries, there is a huge gap between demand and supply of care. Volunteers are working to meet the needs of the aging population who are left with nothing or no one to care for them.


Like other sectors, charity too faces the challenges of the digital era. The millennials expect the charity to be online and visible. Many charity projects are run through digital campaigns. Digital payment and social media sharing have become the norm now. Crowd funding is effectively used in charity, especially for those causes, which have a great impact on the society. Initiatives like the Water Project find takers all over the world. The greatest challenge is to operate in an environment where people meet, buy, sell and discuss online.


Although there is an increase in volunteers and volunteering activities, there is a huge pressure for increased service delivery without a proportionate increase in the finances. This means more and more charities are being forced to diversify or introduce commercial activities (providing goods and services) to raise funds. Interestingly, unlike the big charities, the small and medium sized charities often experience financial volatility.


The charity has undergone changes - from providing essential services like food, cloth, and shelter, it now addresses the emotional needs of the people too. In the globalized word, an act of charity can reach the needy from any corner of the world.

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