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You don’t suck

I once was tweeting with a director. (Yes. Tweeting with a director. It’s a thing.)

Ever have someone hate you?

I once was tweeting with a director. (Yes. Tweeting with a director. It’s a thing.)

I had auditioned for him previously. He suggested we meet up for coffee. “Yes please!” Unfortunately it never happened. I stopped hearing from him. I attempted to connect with him on Facebook, but he never accepted. This did wonders for my self esteem.

I once was reconnecting with a friend.

He wanted to know more about my work as a Beachbody coach. He was showing strong interest and implied he wanted to work with me. “Yes please!” Once again, it didn’t come to fruition. Conversation ceased. I followed up a few times to no avail. Again - didn’t make me feel great about myself.

Perhaps my favorite story involves meeting a really cute girl when I was waiting tables. It was my last table of the day. She and her friend were delightful. And to top it off, cute girl left me her digits on a napkin.


Again…nothing happened. I got in touch. We texted. I called. And….nothing.

(Truth be told - it was probably my fault. I was desperate at the time. But like...pretend I didn’t for a minute.)

In all these scenarios, I was literally responding to someone else’s attempt to get in touch. Why they stopped responding? I’ll never know. Here’s what I do know:

We are very good at making up stories in our heads about why people don’t like us.

The truth is that most of these stories have no factual basis but instead stem from negative self talk.

It’s possible that the director didn’t like me. And maybe my friend didn’t like my blog post from the other day. (Ridiculous, I know.) But you know what else is possible? That all of these individuals just got busy with life and decided to put their focus and energy somewhere more important.

And who knows….maybe cute girl was just intimidated by my rugged good looks and charming sense of humor.

(…okay probably not. But still.)

My hope is that you start to recognize how wonderful you actually are. Stop beating yourself up for things that may or may not be true. And probably aren’t. Because we don’t suck. We’re actually pretty awesome. It’s time we start owning that and being that version of ourselves.

The beautiful thing is that the more we own our awesomeness, the more we attract those who do want to give us our time, attention and energy. What’s not to like about that?

Who knows? There might even be a cute girl involved.

(Okay fine. I’ll stop.)

Let’s go get ‘em.

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