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Things that may cause your fatigue at home

There are days when we feel tired or feel like not doing anything.

written by Simple Ula  Topic Home

There are days when we feel tired or feel like not doing anything. It might be caused by the stress, busy day at work or even busy week or there's too much on your head. It may be also a sign that your surroundings make you feel this way. Sometimes we don't realize what a big impact have things at our home on general sensation. Let's see what will make you feel better.

First, you need to make sure that the light from the outside comes into your home. Having your windows covered makes you feel more tired. When you get up in the morning, first thing you do is to uncover all your windows and let some sunshine into your home.

If you paint your walls in color blue, they make you feel relaxed and some of us they even make too calm that at the end you feel sleepy. Blue is great for the bedroom, but if you have this color in your living room or in the kitchen, you might want to consider changing it to some other, more vibrant color.

Scandinavian style homes have gotten so popular lately and I think that the main reason for that is that in a house with less furniture, clean and minimalist, you'll feel much better. In a house that has lots of small and many different things all around, everyone feel just overwhelmed.

Lavender is a very beautiful smell for most of us, but you need to be careful with this scent especially when you're not going to bed. It makes people feel very relaxed and it's great for a good night's sleep, but candles with this scent during the day may be the cause of your fatigue and a need of sleep.

Last, but not least, furniture is very important for your body, especially the mattress, couch, chairs and armchairs. The mattress, you've had for so many years now, might be the cause of you not getting a good rest during your sleep or the couch on which you try to relax watching TV is not as comfortable for your body as you think. Changing your old furniture to the new one might be a good idea for you.

Take it into your consideration.

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