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Common mistakes women make in a relationship

Some common mistakes women make when they're in a relationship

There are some common mistakes women make when they're in a relationship. Sometimes they get to the point where they start to think there's something wrong with them and they lose hope in their happily ever after.

1. Forgetting about yourself.

Your man fell in love with a girl full of passion. You often read books, watched movies and probably making a SPA day once in a while. You talked about it so often when you first met, but then it disappeared. With time you started choosing to watch football games with your significant other instead of reading those articles, which you enjoyed a lot.
Have some me-time and have time for your passions. Stay this person he fell in love with and let him be fascinated by you when you talk about what you did lately, what you enjoyed it so much.

2. Not giving him a break.

You don't need to be with your man 24/7, he needs his me-time as well. You'd love to be with him everywhere and all the time, but packing your bags to go with him, while he said it's a guys trip won't help. You are ''after him'' on social media, liking all his pictures, commenting a couple of times to make sure he noticed. Then his only free time without you is in the washroom... and then you start wondering why he spends there so much time...

3. You're predictable.

After some time we might get stuck in a routine in our relationship. We need to remember to be spontaneous, even if he's not, it doesn't matter. We need to change some things to spice things up. It doesn't mean big changes, but going out for a walk instead of staying home and watching movies or cooking something different for dinner, for example maybe try some mediterranean cuisine tonight.

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