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You and the Alcoholic: How to Support a Loved One in Recovery

Yes, you can remedy or help remedy your loved one's addiction. But, how?

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Alcoholism and addiction rive family ties. It's a virus that severs the strongest bonds, so it is fitting that only the strongest medicine can cure it, you. Yes, you can remedy or help remedy your loved one's addiction. But, how?

Educate Yourself: Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more you can help your loved one. Al-Anon can teach you a lot.

Create a Sober Environment: Leaving your loved one around alcohol and assuming the person will not drink again is like lighting a match amidst kerosene and thinking no fire will start. Therefore, place your loved one in an alcohol-free environment. That means bringing no alcohol around them and going places with none of the same.

Open Your Heart: Before you involve yourself, resolve not to judge, no matter the person's actions or words. This is for the reason that most real changes happen after someone whom the person trusts has shown him or her the better way. But to have the person trust you, you must not judge.

Open Your Ears: After deciding to be non-critical listen to what the person says. Your listening, not hearing, builds more trust. From the talks, you may also be able to find the roots of your loved one's problem.

Suggest a Support Group: As the person's confidence grows, suggest that he or she join a support group. Having people with experiences like your loved one's and many success stories, these groups may embolden the person to leave the drink.

Encourage Healthy Habits: Now, to an extent, your loved one trusts you. You can then encourage them to take up healthier habits. Some are eating only fresh foods, running miles daily, or doing general exercise. These new, healthy habits may replace the old, toxic ones. Eventually, your loved one may not even realize he or she cares not a drop about alcohol.

Be Patient: Alcoholics are human. Humans make mistakes. Humans sometimes trail off the helpful path. It's for you to help your loved one stand back up. And it's for you to help him or her again onto that path.

Strengthen Yourself: Having no strength, how will you give it to another? You, therefore, must mind yourself to mind your loved one.

Helping him or her isn't easy, but the reward is great. Help your loved one recover today.

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