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Musings on Business Leadership

The CEO gains from the profit, but does he or she remember the loyalty, the reason for the profit?

written by Os f  Topic Thoughts

Loyalty is vital to good relationships. Loyalty breeds trust, trust a strong will to work, that will a hard work ethic, the ethic productivity, and productivity profit. The CEO gains from the profit, but does he or she remember the loyalty, the reason for the profit?

Hiring new employees is like bringing over the children from the second wife to meet the children of the first. Their personalities and behaviors must mesh for them to truly coexist. Remember that those that have been with CEO since the start have formed a certain culture, or mindset. The CEO, or father figure, must hire people who have the same mindset as the workers, or the high achievers that have brought the company this far will begin leaving.

Profits surged, so even before hiring, increase the current workers' pay so they feel appreciated. This appreciation makes them more confident in and loyal to the company, which will cause them to be more productive and the company to profit more.

Just because more employees will come in, do not disconnect from the first ones. It's those seemingly meaningless bonds that kept the company alive during the hard years. The family business became more corporate, but it can still maintain its family touch. Don't only show this through formal emails, but show it informally. Take a walk through some offices. Greet people. Napoleon used to do the same, and his soldiers loved, feared, and were always inspired by him.

The employees work hard because of the CEO, because they believe in the CEO and the company. The hard workers want to stay with the company. While being fair, he or she shouldn't give them a reason not to.

Growth is good. Loyalty is great. Reward loyalty where necessary and the company will always grow.

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