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Help Your Child Prepare for College

By failing to help your child prepare, you're preparing your child to fail, said Benjamin Franklin

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College is the start of your child's adult life. The achievements there may define him or her for the rest of his or her life. Your offspring's overall performance will determine the job(s) they'll receive and their success. So, by failing to help your child prepare, you're preparing your child to fail, said Benjamin Franklin. There are some ways in which you can help your child ready his or herself.

Early Decisions

Have him or her choose a preferred profession before entering high school. Having chosen, your child will be able to focus on that goal, not jump from one set of courses to the other, which may confuse and discourage him or her from enrolling in college. This comes with planning the four years of high school and college. Your child may complete the courses early, graduate early, and start a career early. These triumphs came about only because you helped your offspring plan the future.

Rigorous Courses

Students are more likely to attend and finish college if they take rigorous high school courses. These include advanced placement(AP) courses and dual enrollment, college courses in high school. The education nonprofit Jobs for the Future in Boston reported that 54.2 percent of Texas dual enrollment students earned a college degree, while only 36.9 percent of nondual enrollment students earned one. 47.2 percent of dual enrollment students specifically earned bachelor's degrees, and 30.2 percent of nondual enrollment students graduated with those same degrees. The ACT released The Condition of College and Career Readiness 2012, which said that 60 percent of high school graduates were going to struggle in college and their careers. It also reported that 28 percent of the 2012 graduates didn't meet the ACT College Readiness Benchmarks in science, reading, math, and English. No parent wants their child to be part of that percentage, so encourage him or her to enroll in AP and dual enrollment courses.

Liberal Arts

Many colleges require their students to have taken some liberal arts courses. Those courses give nearly every student new perspectives on math, science, and other arts. Liberal arts gives your child critical thinking skills, abstract thinking skills and the ability to form ideologies, where he or she can unlock creativity, a moral compass, more effective ways to interact with humans, and many other skills. Although some may disregard it, liberal arts may play a large part in how your child will think.

Financial Smarts

Some are good with money, but one of those may not be your child. As you've dealt with money more than the kid, you must teach him or her how to handle expenses if you don't want your the money exhausted within days of his or her arrival. This includes food expenses, water, electricity, FAFSA, and more. Your child can still work, but remember that the key to financial security depends on the amount saved as equally as the amount earned.

There are other considerations, but the basic ones are here. Encourage your child to follow these paths, and be sure your offspring will be prepared for college.

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