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The Best in Time-Saving Tech

Ever wish you could have more time in the day?

Obviously we can’t alter the laws of time and space to make that happen, but we can get more productive with the time we do have. And there are tons of digital goodies to help you be more productive. From helping you waste less time to being more organized, below are several ways to feel like you really just did jam some time back in your day.


Perhaps the best way to start being more productive is to realize where all the time goes in the first place. Enter RescueTime ( https://www.rescuetime.com ). This app helps you track your time daily to see just where all of it goes. So if you’ve ever wondered how 4 p.m. suddenly became 9 p.m., this app will help.

You may be thinking, ‘Great, one more thing I have to deal with?’ But this is software you install on your computer or device and it runs in the background. It then tracks the time you spent on certain applications and websites, allowing you to better understand how you spend your days. Suddenly it becomes clear why you never seem to have time: you spent three hours playing Candy Crush.


Evernote ( https://evernote.com ) is one of the most popular ways to stay digitally organized. You can organize files, track travel, transcribe voice notes and organize your ideas. Even if you’ve used it, there are tons of tips and hacks out there to make the most of your experience with the software. Just a couple tips are:

-Create a table of contents to organize your notes for easy referencing later.
-Make sure everything has a place to end up, rather than just having a general default or miscellaneous notebook. That way, things are less likely to pile up.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of all Evernote has to offer, but it’s worth the investment.

Digital mind mapping 

Are you best organized by visual stimulation? Then you’ll love digital mind mapping. One of the key products out there is mind42 ( https://mind42.com ), which helps you digitally map your ideas. And it’s free!

It simply runs off your browser. It helps you visually organize ideas, to-do lists, event reminders or whatever you want displayed in a visual way. You can make lists, include photos, create flow charts and make tree diagrams. Whatever keeps you organized, you can make it through this software. It’s private by default, but you can also share your mind mapping with others if you choose.


Many time management experts out there will tell you that the key to productivity is to segment your time. You schedule a time that’s just for email, just for certain work tasks, just for socializing, etc. Then when that task is done, you move onto the next stage of your day, secure in the knowledge that you got done what needed to be done.

What shoots this all to the dust is finding an interesting article and disappearing down the digital rabbit hole. But there’s a way to indulge in your interests online without ruining your daily schedule. Pocket ( https://getpocket.com ) simply allows you to bookmark what you wanted to read and saves it for you later. It’s saved to your device, so you don’t even need internet access to look at the content later.

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