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My Pin-Up Obsession

Have you ever felt like you're missing something you've never actually had? I’m sure you have, I think everyone has.

written by Maya Oren  Topic Fashion

No, I'm not talking about wanting something, (if the newest IPhone is what's crossing your mind right now, you should stop reading and open the Amazon app). I'm referring to the deepest and most earnest meaning of yearning. As if you remember the feeling of having whatever it is you are missing. You ache to get it back, except it was never yours to begin with.

This is the way I feel about the 50's. I am in my twenties and obviously not even close to have lived through that fabulous decade, so most of the time I pretend the 50's are now. I spend my days listening to "Diana" by Paul Anka on the bus to work, watching "Rebel without a Cause" starring the gorgeous James Dean on the weekends, but first and foremost wearing the retro Clothing I absolutely adore.

The fashion of the 50’s successfully embraced the female body upon all its forms and sizes. It produced flattering cuttings designed to fit, no less than perfectly, the variety of female body types. Browsing through the pages of history, the 50’s reveal puffy skirts which compliment a full and a lean figure, alongside high waist pants that flatter both narrow and wide hips. All items share nothing but one common element – the cornerstone of the 50’s fashion - accentuation of the waistline.

A modern interpretation of the combination between the 40’s and 50’s fashion is the Pin-up girl style. This style was also inspired by the original Pin-up models, which appeared on advertisements for burlesque performances during those decades. Naturally, the Pin-up clothing is more provocative then the familiar 50’s clothing, yet more importantly it is all about feeling sensual and sexy in your own skin. Between guarding the cornerstone of the 50’s fashion and adding patterns and cleavage, the Pin-Up girl style is all a 21st century women needs in order to look stunning. And even though it is growing more popular each and every day, this fashion has yet to enter the mainstream. The Pin-up style is feminist, is empowering but is still left aside.

While the Pin-up style remains on the sidelines, the fashion world of 2017 is ruled by the modern androgynous beauty. This line of fashion conceals the physical differences between male and female and glorifies the slim, boyish looking body. The androgynous beauty also promotes self acceptance by allowing men and women to express their perception of gender regardless to their sex. However, I can’t look past the ridiculous beauty standards it upholds. Rejecting all signs of femininity, the modern fashion world convinces young women that the only way to be beautiful is to hide what makes you a woman.

Isn’t that absurd? Beauty is not always lean and delicate, beauty can be curvy and strong. Beauty can have volume, look powerful and excuse my language - fat does not equal ugly.

Fashion is one of the few fields where the distinction between men and women should be celebrated – let’s keep it that way.

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