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Is Silver The New Black

The color silver is everywhere and it's here to stay,

written by Maya Oren  Topic Fashion

It has taken the fashion world by storm and invaded our wardrobe slowly but safely. You can find it in any clothing item, from jackets to shoes and in all accessories such as bags or sunglasses. The color silver is everywhere and it's here to stay, but the fact you see so much of it does not mean it matches everything you wear. Pay attention and read carefully: 4 dos and don'ts when wearing silver.

DO NOT mix colorful patterns with any kind of silver item

This color is extremely strong and dramatic; respect its presence in your outfit and don’t overload your complete look. The combination between different colors, patterns and silver will create a ridicules and busy appearance.

Less is more; DO NOT wear more than one silver piece

Unless you are dressing up as a Martian or an astronaut, you really don’t want to wear more than one silver item. Overdoing the silver trend will give you the look of a character from a science fiction movie, instead of the fashionable look you were aiming for.

Keep it simple

When wearing silver, keep the rest of your clothing items basic and plain. Don't burden your look with flashy fabrics or extraordinary cuttings. Stick to one or two additional colors, preferably dark shades of blue, light shades of green and black. Taking this advice will guaranty you a classy appearance.

Black and silver go together like carrots and pees

After wearing silver in all the wrong ways, I finally discovered one method which helps me stay on the stylish side and that is matching silver with black. This combination is strong, clean and classy. You can apply it to your outfit whether you are on a night out or going to the office.

Stick to those 4 key tips and never fear wearing silver again.

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