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What You Need Vs. What You Own

Where did all of this stuff come from?

When I was in college, I knew several students that were studying abroad. They were from different countries, across the world, and across oceans. They had all come to school fresh from an airplane. Now, when I moved into my dormroom freshman year, I had packed my mom’s car to the brim with stuff that I thought I couldn’t live without. The difference between me and my international friends was that they brought two suitcases with them to school and I had brought about eight. I couldn’t understand how they could live with just two suitcases. Now they did buy some necessary items when they arrived, but for the most part my room looked overly luxurious compared to there’s.

As I grew older I packed, unpacked, and repacked my belongs as I moved out of the dorms to an apartment to a house. What I’ve come to realize over the years is that we don’t need all of this junk. The amount of stuff I have packed up over the years is mind blowing. From clothes to knicknacks, sometimes it is hard to let go of the things we have accumulated over the years, but we really need to.

We should donate the clothes we haven’t worn. Pass along the books we’ve already read, and declutter our lives. My friends fit everything that they needed into two suitcases. Then all of my belongings fit in a dorm room that I shared. Eventually, now I have a whole house full of things. Over the years we collect more and more items, material things, that we don’t need. We often forget about the times when we could survive with less space and less junk.

If you’re looking around your closet and you feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothes you own, take a minute to see what you have. Go through everything. Take everything out and if you haven’t worn or used something in the past six months then you aren’t going to miss it when it’s gone. It will be hard to toss away the things that you’ve had for years and years, but you might be able to give it to someone who will really use it. No one needs forty pairs of shoes or twelve pairs of jeans.

Think about what you need to be happy in life and get rid of everything else. You will be surprised with what you have left.

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