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Make This Year Great

Mix It Up, It’s time to break out of your rut

Too many of us have been letting the years pass by without the excitement that we crave. Take the year 2016 for example. As the year came to a close, it became clear that many of us were unhappy with our positions in life. Why is that? The problem is that we tend to fall into the rut of routine. We have the same job, we have the same friends, we eat the same meals at the same time of day. Typically, we’re creatures of habit. We make schedules and listen to the same radio station on our way to work everyday. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, you may not even realize that you are so consistent throughout your day. But here’s the thing, change can be a good thing.

Let’s face it. There is always room for improvement in our lives. We can always mix things up or try something new. This could be the answer to getting you, your family, and your friends out of the rut and onto more exciting things. The problem is that even though we may be craving excitement underneath, we get comfortable in our routines. I found a coffee shop after college that made my vanilla chai tea absolutely perfect. For about two years, I went to the same coffee shop and ordered the same thing. What I didn’t know was that down the street there was another coffee shop that made it better.

There’s nothing wrong with doing what you like, but it also won’t hurt anybody to try a little something new. Take my coffee for example, my routine was perfectly fine but there was something better out there for me. I just had to open my eyes and look for it.

Get out there, go try something new! This doesn’t have to be extreme. If you go to the same restaurant every week, try something new on the menu or ask your server what they recommend. If you’ve been taking the same route to work everyday for ten years, consider trying a new path. When you try little changes like this they could lead to bigger changes. If you take a new path to work you may pass a new store that you’ll love. You just never know. The important thing is for you to keep looking, keep trying, and you’ll never be bored.

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