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How Do You Know If You're Addicted To Technology

Do you panic or feel lost when your phone dies

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking through the mall, navigating the busy streets, or catching a ride of the subway, heads will be tilted down and thumbs will be scrolling. Everyone has a phone these days.

Grandmas have snapchat and babies know how to open their favorite apps. Most people out there don’t think that this is a big deal. Checking Facebook five or six times a day has become a part of everyday life. It doesn’t feel out of the ordinary for most.

Personally, I have my phone in my hand for the greater part of the day. I check social media, my email, and my texting apps several times and don’t think twice about it. So it’s pretty clear, almost everyone has a phone nearby. So what’s the big deal? Phones can be a great way to stay in touch, stay informed, and way to utilize your time.

Let’s face it though, there is a line and some of us have crossed it. Becoming addicted to your phone or other technology can be just as real as a drug or alcohol addiction. Symptoms like dependency and anxiety can occur. In fact, withdraw symptoms are also likely if someone were to take away our technology or cell phones. Headaches, irritability, anxiety, mood swings, and restlessness are entirely possible.

How do you know if your attachment to your phone is healthy or borderline addictive? There are a few signs that should clear things up if you’ve been asking yourself “do I use my phone too much?”.

One glaring sign can be detected when your phone dies, you lose it, or even forget it at home during the day. You can even test yourself by leaving the house intentionally without your phone. Think about how you feel. Are you constantly reaching for your phone? Do you feel irritated when you realize that you don’t have your phone? Do you feel disconnected from friends and family, or even the rest of the world? Answering questions like this with a “yes” could indicate that you’re phone has become an extension of yourself.

I’m sure most of us would agree with some of those statements. It’s hard when your phone makes everything so accessible. You can easily get in touch with friends that are far away. You are constantly within reach of entertainment. What could be wrong with this?

I won’t say that having my phone around isn’t convenient or great. But there is one important thing that we should remember, and that is to experience life. Don’t get lost in your phone and forget to have real conversations, experience real things, even to just look up and see what’s around you.

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