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Is there anything harder in life than writing? Oh yeah, parenting...

We are the parents of our writing

Parenting can be one of the greatest teachers in all of life. You must be flexible, sleep deprived, obsessive about schedules and ready to change plans a moment’s notice. Parenting teaches you about love too and patience. It teaches you that helping to raise a child into an adult can be the greatest gift we can give the world.

Writing is another of life’s greatest teachers. It teaches us how to let creativity flow and find it’s own path. Writing teaches us flexibility when the words we grasp are not within our reach. Or when we’re constantly being interrupted and can never quite accomplish what we set out to do. We become sleep deprived with our obsession over finishing a piece in the schedule we have set up. Yet, when the time is right and the piece is ready to be released to the public, we find love and gratitude as we watch it fly away and take on a life of it’s own.

We are the parents of our writing. We give birth, we nurture it and we help it to grow wings and fly away. A writer’s life is one that is a lot of sacrifice and passion to make a piece of writing come to life.

Parenting a child is the same. Parents are sleep deprived, always fretting about the decisions they’re making for their children’s education, health, friends. When should we tell him or her about Santa? The Easter bunny? Parents worry over and over again until they get to see for themselves that their child will survive in the world. That they did what they could and when they sent the child out into the world, they did well. They flew and become their own person.

But also take note this is hard. Writing does not always come easily, neither does parenting. We struggle, we cry, we get frustrated and then something changes. Your child gives you a hug, says they love you or the words that you have been searching for start to flow from your fingertips onto your computer.

Yet we all know that hard work comes with a great price. This is the joy you get when you have found the passion and seen the gift that your children and writing are to the world. The way your writing enters the world is different for everyone, much like your children but when you are able to see the years of toil turn into the person you wanted them to be, that’s the whole point of parenting and writing.

The joy of writing is fleeting but once you set your mind to being able to do it, you can. You work hard to provide the best writing you can. Your writing is much like your child, your biggest heartache and your biggest accomplishment. There’s nothing wrong with either of these, it is what it is. All we can do is let it fly and pray that it comes back to us in a form we can recognize and appreciate in the future.

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