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Earth Hour 2017

So really, what is Earth Hour?

What are your plans for March 25th at 8:30 pm? Are you turning off your electricity and celebrating the Earth? Have you ever heard about Earth Hour? What is all this talk about climate change? Curious? Wondering how to get involved? Or even if it matters?

So really, what is Earth Hour?
Earth Hour is a 60 minute period where people around the world are asked to turn off. To turn off the electricity, devices, everything. They’re asked to stop and celebrate Earth. Events are held worldwide to raise awareness for the Earth. Money is raised for environmental causes, people celebrate Earth and all earth has to offer. Earth hour celebrates nature as is, not being full of pollution and man-made problems. Instead it’s a time to look around at the planet we live on and celebrate everything it is and everything it’s done. 

How did Earth Hour get started?
In the last few decades the discussion of climate change has been a hot topic. Scientists around the world agree humans are impacting the changes we’re seeing in temperatures, water levels and the ozone layer. So the World Wide Fund for Nature and others decided to take a minute, or 60 in this case, and turn off everything that was man made. Hence Earth Hour was born in 2007. Since then people have been gathering together and celebrating the Earth. These are the people who believe in climate change and want the earth to still be here and functional for generations to come 

Does it matter?
Earth Hour matters for anyone and everything who lives on planet Earth. The current climate is changing, the planet is getting hotter every year. Taking the 1 hour out of the year doesn’t seem like much but the impact is enormous. We have generations coming after us who are going to depend on this planet as much as we do. What kind of planet are we going to leave them?

Does it really have an impact?
Earth Hour has grown every year but to see if it has an impact, just check their website. In 2016 178 countries took part in Earth Hour. Of those 178 countries, 7 have started to make policies to help the environment. If this doesn’t seem like a big deal then imagine over 400 of the world’s most important monuments dark. That’s what happened - monuments like the Eiffel Tower turned off the lights for 60 minutes to help acknowledge climate change.

What can you do?
Earth Hour 2017 is almost here but there’s still plenty of things you can do. Go to their website and download the starter kit. The starter kit gives you banners to download, posters, ways to make Earth Hour work for you, your company, your family. You can donate to the cause, you can set up an event to help combat climate change. Share Earth Hour on all your social media so everyone can get involved. It’s not just about you or me, it’s about what we’re leaving the planet like for the next generation. Any time you post to facebook, Instagram or Twitter make sure you use #ChangeClimateChange this will help WWF keep track of those who are helping to end climate change. 

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