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Dealing with a bad day

So now what? What do you do on days like this?

Have you ever just resigned yourself to having a bad day? I mean think about it, there are some days that it doesn’t seem to matter what you do, the universe is stacked against you. You may have gotten up on time but at the last minute you spill coffee on your white shirt. You may have prepped for your big presentation and then found out that the projector isn’t working so you can’t use the powerpoint.

These days happen and they will take everything you have. They suck the life out of you. They make you want to crawl back into bed and wait until the next day is here to try again. Honestly, these are the days where you can hear the best news in the world, then find out there’s a contingency to it. You may get your dream job then find out they’ve relocated it to the other side of the world and your fiancee won’t move with you.

This would be the kind of day where even coffee doesn’t taste good. The kind of day where even your run or your art won’t work out. If you’re a runner or an artist you know these are the worst days. You know you need to do this activity to feel complete but you also know that it’s going to be hard and you’re not going to really feel that much better even when it’s over.

So now what? What do you do on days like this?

I firmly believe you do the best you can. If it means finding a sappy movie so you have a reason to cry, then do it. If it means that you go home, lay on your bed and sleep the rest of the day away, then do it. Because these days are hard.

Do you need to go run intervals? Bake a cake? Clean the house? What is it that you need to do in order to make it through one of these days? Figure it out and DO IT! Stop waiting for the next bad thing to happen, instead find out what works for you. Even if it doesn’t stop the bad things from happening, it will help them from taking over your life.

And that’s the key. Don’t let one bad day ruin your life. Don’t let one bad day ruin everything else you’re working towards. Instead make it so that you learn from it. Even if you’re only learning how to cope and survive it. Don’t shrivel and dry up, grow and become a better person.

These days are horrible and there’s not much you can do. You can put a smile on your face and do your best to get through it but these are the days where it really is all about survival mode. Survival mode in a way that you may not have ever been involved in before.

But before you give up all hope, know that, like the second hand on a watch, this too shall pass. This moment, good or bad will soon be gone and you will be able to move on. For now just survive it and do what you can.

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