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How to deal with homesickness and stay happy

Studying in university far away from your home and feeling homesick? Well, don’t.

Homesickness occurs when you’re away from home and people you’re familiar with. It can cause you some distress. According to statistics, in the United States, there are more than 15 million students enrolled in colleges and universities and about 7% of all those students might be facing homesickness.

You may be one of them. But there are numerous ways to beat it and be happier! For instance, how about being a tourist? You may be in a new city, so move around and have a good look at the city’s landmarks. Treat it like you’re on a vacation. Go to the sites most popular in the city. Hang out with people and get to know all there is about its history and culture.

Once you start feeling good about the city and its people, you’ll feel more comfortable.

However, this isn’t the only way to say good-bye to homesickness. You can also make your own spot. Start off by finding your own niches. Perhaps, there is some restaurant you love going, a spot in the park which offers you quiet and serene moments, or a track where you love jogging. You’ll begin to feel as if you’re in your ‘own city’ and feel more of a fit in the new place.

Exploring your own self helps too. Think about issues that made you feel homesick. Keep thinking until you start feeling more comfortable. If, for instance, being among a crowded place makes you feel more homesick, expose yourself to this situation until you feel more comfortable in this situation.

Talk it out. It’s a myth that talking about homesickness will only leave you feeling worse. However, talking about it is a good way to educate and encourage a person. Go see someone and talk about it to make yourself feel better.

Exercise. And do plenty of it. Exercise releases endorphins that are our feel-good chemicals. They can help us fight depression and anxiety which are some of the most common homesickness symptoms.

If possible, you can exercise in a group with others. This will give you a chance to meet new people and strike friendships in the new city!

Do something close to home. It could be anything from writing a letter to talking to your parent. You can also stay connected to your family and send them souvenirs/ gifts from your place. It will make your days fun!

Want to try not to miss your loved ones while you’re staying afar? Get involved. Be busy. Socialize. If you’re at a university, join different clubs and societies. I bet this is going to help!

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