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What’s so positive about the “everything will be fine?” cliche?

Optimism can also lead to long life

Thinking positive about your circumstances isn’t just a habit or a quality. It’s your outlook on the life and the way of living life. Having a positive approach towards each and everything can truly revolutionize how you’re living your life.

Let’s suppose two students got bad grades in the same exam. While one student thinks he always does poorly in tests and can never do anything right, the other one thinks about how he does good in other subjects.

Pessimistic people, (the ones who think negatively) tend to view problems as permanent. They think they’re the reason behind the problem whereas optimistic people think the opposite. The result? Pessimism can lead to stress, depression, and anxiety.

Optimism, on the other hand, can protect against depression as well as many other heart problems such as coronary heart disease. Optimism can also lead to long life so if you don’t wish to die an early death, be positive! In a research, it was found that for every 10 point increase in the optimism score for a person, the risk of early death decreased by 19%.

So if you’re an optimistic person, good for you! I say this because if you were to be faced with any problems, you’d engage in problem-solving, which is associated with increased psychological well-being!

In a study, it was found that HIV-positive patients who were more optimistic had a greater probability of seeking further information, avoiding self-blame and planning their recoveries.

This is also helpful when you’re taking care of someone who has fallen sick. An optimistic person can keep the spirits buoyant and keep observing the things in a positive light as opposed to viewing all things in a negative light.

With the power of optimism, you can engage fully. You can focus your sight on the good and positive things around you and pursue goals and activities that make full use of your potential.

However, optimism is also about being mindful of the surrounding. Accepting each and everything as it comes along, without judgment, helps you focus your attention on what is happening around you.

So, when would you start applying the much-coveted positive psychology in your life?

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