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Crying could be actually good! Here’s why

As adults, we feel we need to be more in power

As babies, we have all cried our fair share. Got bad grades? Got hurt? Someone said something to you. Crying was the natural reaction!

But as adults, we feel we need to be more in power. We try to hold back our tears. Is it good, though?

Sometime or the other, we have all heard this phrase said to us by someone: “Oh! Have a good cry. You’ll feel better about it!”

Turns out it’s pretty much accurate.

According to doctors, a good cry at the right time can fix the situation. In fact, if you don’t cry, you may be doing your body injustice.

According to Stephen Sideroff, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at UCLA and Director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics, crying activates our bodies in a healthy way. When you cry, you’re letting down your guard and defenses, which is a healthy thing for you. It’s a process of opening into yourself.

Here’s another insight to this:

Reflex tears are 98% made up of water. Coming to emotional tears, they also contain stress hormones. When we shed emotional tears, these stress hormones and other toxins (accumulated during stress) get excreted.

Some other studies also suggest that our crying stimulates the production of endorphins. Endorphins are our bodies’ natural painkillers. They make us feel good.

Also, crying helps us vent our feelings. They heal the heart and its better not to stop the tears. They can clear up the sadness and grief welling up in your heart. Otherwise, you can set yourself up for depression if you keep suppressing your feelings and emotions.

But are you wondering how to cry? You can cry anyway you want but there can be some better ways to cry about it too! Had fallout with a loved one? Cry. But if you keep criticizing yourself with things like “I am a loser,” you’ll just cancel the healing process. The grief will not get out of your system. However, make sure you don’t set crying time limit. Cry till you feel calm and relaxed from the inside.

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