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Addicted to DIY? There’s a reason for that! These facts prove this wel

Are you an addict?

I’m not talking about the drugs here. I’m talking about DIY projects!

While you’re out shopping, you keep thinking to yourself “Oh this one is not a big deal. I can totally make a better version all by myself”, then you are a DIY lover!

DIY projects can be immensely helpful. They are not just light on the pocket as compared to store bought items, there are various other reasons rooting for DIY projects.

DIY projects provide you a valuable opportunity to learn new skills and gain knowledge. Whether you’re reading up on the technique on how to build a kennel or learning how to fix a broken appliance, each project can teach you lifelong skills (helping you in many more DIY projects to come!).

From finding your hidden talent to nudging you towards your passion, DIY projects can teach you more about yourself than ever. They can help you discover what you’re best at. So, when you successfully repair your computer or fix your bike on your own, you’d be surprised about how far you can push yourself.

A friend of mine, who loved painting, started dabbling with paints just because she loved to. It slowly sprang into lovely paintings benign sold to her leading painting workshops! She may not have envisioned herself like this in future and may be you haven’t too. So try it!

And when you’re hunting for inner happiness, DIY projects are the answer because they keep the mind and body active. Another reason is that doing a project on your own will teach you how to embrace your own mistakes and let go of negative feelings. In other words, DIY projects are the perfect way to start loving your mistakes.

All through our school, we’re taught not to make mistakes, for good grade. With DIY projects, though, it’s the opposite. Mistakes are a source of inspiration and they lead to some of the best DIY projects, making them unique! Here’s another interesting fact: learning from mistakes can be helpful in sharpening your memory. So, keep making mistakes!

DIY projects make you feel better. Experts have coined a word ‘IKEA effect’ which refers to the value you attach to an object when you put your own blood and sweat into making it. Building things by yourself makes you value them higher. This is one of the things why you like your own DIY projects!

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