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Love has changed

The key to a relationship is two people waking up every day wanting to make the other person happy!

written by jenny_mason  Topic Story

I should probably change the names and connections for this story… all I will say is in the
old days there was a couple. They were engaged… they had decided to wait until
they were married before making love - something only fundamentalists seem to do these days.

So anyway they went on a date to the beach and the lady in question for the first
time sees the feet of her intended husband.

He had yellow toe nails… that was it! The wedding was called off. It is funny how the smallest thing could make her fall out of love with him in an instant. This story makes me feel sad and laugh at the same time… that something so trivial could break them up makes me question their relationship and her love for him. 

Whether it be yellow toe nails or that suddenly people do not seem to make an effort anymore there is a fine line between falling in and out of love. Not many couples wait until their wedding night anymore and I guess finding out about his toenails before the big day might have prevented a divorce in the future. 

With dating apps like Tinder which basically enable people to pick up anyone up on a whim, the game of love has definitely changed with technology.

My aunty says the key to a relationship is two people waking up every day wanting to make the other person happy! I like this sentiment. 

Another friend told me that her aunty says the secret to her marriage was that she loves food and sex and that is what makes her husband happy. I personally think it is about humour and wanting the same things. But honestly who knows what the actual answer is?

If you are in love and they love you then just enjoy it. And maybe try sending a loved one on a pedicure before throwing the whole thing away.

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