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Funny Characters

People and the funny things they do. I have met many people in my life who were real characters.

My mum used to work with a man who would hang a piece of string from his mouth on a bus so no one would sit next to him and guess what? It worked. People kept well away from him. It still makes me laugh to think he preferred to look strange and perhaps even mentally ill in public, than to have a stranger sit next to him.

This got me thinking about people and the funny things they do. I
have met many people in my life who were real characters. 

Another was a friend of my parents who used to try and tease his children at Christmas and Easter. At Christmas he would board up his fireplace. He would say to them:

‘No stupid fat man is coming down my chimney this year!’

The kids would then be delighted when Santa somehow got around their father’s attempts and left their gifts. Similarly at Easter, he would place rabbit traps around the garden, ‘no mangy rabbit is coming near my house this year’ and of course the chocolate eggs would still be delivered. When his children grew up they told him they really hated him for trying to stop them from celebrating Christmas and Easter.

My mother was also a character. When we grew up we sometimes had people from other countries come and stay on our orange farm. One time it was two Japanese guys. They were lovely people.

One didn’t have any hands. They couldn’t speak English, but using a state of the art interpreting device, we learned his hands had been blown off in an electrical accident- type scenario (I think).

Anyway we had a piano, I started playing one day and they ran out to film me. The guy with no hands had amazing two-pronged robotic prosthetics and was quite dexterous with them. He was filming me playing when mum asked him:

“Do you play the piano?”

She was so embarrassed. Luckily I don’t think he understood.

...but I do know where I get my foot in mouth from.

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