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Snapchat for marketing

Snapchat for marketing?

Do a quick fact checking and you will be surprised to learn that 9 in 10 companies do their marketing on social media. Interesting, right?

Well, what’s more interesting is that most of these social media marketing exploits are being done in established sites such as Facebook and Twitter. But one question lingers, “Has anyone ever thought of using Snapchat?

“Snapchat for marketing?”

Yes! A very viable marketing platform. Let’s break down this subject.

Why Snapchat is Fertile for Marketing: It’s Massive Coverage

Snapchat currently boasts of over 150 million active users and a total of 7 billion videos being viewed daily on the social media platform; essentially making it larger than twitter when it comes to number of users.

What does this mean?

Wide coverage!

Unbeknown to many, Snapchat is a host to lots of people interacting and having fun. But most businesses remain sceptical about the marketing opportunities available via the site, despite its huge traffic.


Number one problem most marketers encounter is the limit Snapchat offers to its posts. Every video and photo permanently deletes after a few seconds or hours of being posted. This is a source of great headache to the marketing strategists because the timeline offered for reach out is very limited.

Secondly, the demographic can get a little bit tricky. Statistics show that 71% of Snapchat users fall between 18-34 years of age. Most businesses get sceptical at this point simply because the demographic doesn’t seem favourable.

But that should not be the case.

Here are a few marketing tips you can use when so as to make the most out of Snapchat.

1. Know Your Audience

Yes, the demographic dictates an average age of between 18-34 years but that doesn’t mean executives cannot be reached via Snapchat. Understanding your audience simply means that you get to know the general mood and feel associated with every user of the app.

And that’s quite simple.

Snapchat generally offers a casual platform for people to post on what they are up to using a stream of videos and photos. Your marketing team can reach out to more Snapchat users by simply posting content in a casual manner.

The end result?

By virtue of looking more approachable and personable, your marketing team’s post will be more appealing to the users of the site, thus giving you more coverage and consequently an effective marketing campaign.

2. Make Use of An Influencer to Gain Followers

Have a look at this:

Audi was able to garner over 115,000 followers on its Snapchat account, by simply teaming up with the television show “Pretty Little Liars” to promote its Snapchat content.

In similar fashion, social media star Paul Logan partnered up with Sour Patch Kids for the “Real-life Sour Patch Kid” Snapchat campaign. What resulted was a massive following of Sour Patch Kids in their Instagram account, with Paul Logan’s 500,000 followers flooding to Sour Patch’s Snapchat account.

Influencers not only attract massive traffic easily, but also help in development of better marketing content because they are more experienced in creating this content for the specific Snapchat users. This trickles down to invaluable promotion of the brand image and brand awareness.

3. Run Promotions and Competitions Using a Snapchat Story

This methodology was employed by Grubhub in a case study where it created a Snapchat story so as to send promo codes to its audience.

This tactic paid off as not only did Grubhub establish personal communication with its clients, but also increased loyalty to its brand.

Final Word

Snapchat is proving to be the next big place for marketers to lay their marketing pitches. But before the floor gets crowded, any business with a vision of profitability should start diving deep into the waters as early as now.

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