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Instagram marketing

When you think of social media marketing, what first comes to mind immediately is Facebook and Twitter.

Well, take this advice: change your course. You are heading somewhere too crowded.

Most marketers don’t realize that they can get better engagement, thus better marketing through Instagram. Not my own thinking, but research data shows that brands on Instagram enjoy a 4% regular engagement, as compared to brands on Twitter and Facebook, which boast of only 0.1% regular engagement.

Interesting data right?

Well, instead of digging up everything Instagram in one single read, let’s start with some benchmarks.


By looking at some of the brands which have made it big on marketing using Instagram.

1. Nike

Nike is amongst the top brands on Instagram, boasting of over 8 million followers, with thousands of active engagement.

Nike’s Instagram strategy is simple: it understands its audience, and thus engages them appropriately.

Here’s one classic example.

In 2013, Nike ran what was arguably the best campaign ever on Instagram. Dubbed the “Nike PHOTOiD”, Nike gave its followers a chance to use their own photos to design custom Nike sneakers.

End result?

Nike’s Instagram engagement skyrocketed, and this trickled down to the brand’s products themselves.

Nike did not only thrive on this campaign.

As an everyday standard, in every post they make, the brand tries to either showcase one of its products in use or rather, tell a powerful story using high end creative images.

In one of their classic images, Nike showcased a lady walking on the ocean floor, carrying a huge rock with another lady pushing her as she walked.

That image was used to beautifully convey a story of teamwork under harsh conditions. Such images not only serve as an attraction to potential followers, but also encourage engagement that builds the brand.

2. Birchbox

This cosmetics company knows what to do once it comes to attracting the masses on Instagram. One of its ingenious ways is through the use of influencers.

First, who are influencers?

Influencers are basically personalities with large social media following. Brands and companies love using them to promote new products, run campaigns or simply seek customer engagement.

So how did Birch box fair on with this strategy?

In order to promote one of their products, the May Box, Birchbox teamed up with influencer Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily has an Instagram following of over 260000 followers. Under their partnered campaign, both Emily and Birchbox posted five photos of the May box.

What followed?

An explosion! The campaign reached out to over 550,000 customers, with the photos receiving well over 18000 likes.

3. Tentsile

Existing as a company which sells tree tents, sometimes dubbed as ‘tree houses’, Tentsile has used some creative ways to get their products out there, leave alone engage the consumers.

One classic strategy they have employed; the use of contests.

Tentsile started an Instagram contest where they asked their followers to follow three other partner accounts, and be eligible to win a couple of prizes. In addition to that, their followers were required to like some of their posts then tag three of their adventure buddies in the comments section.

How did it turn out?

Not only were their customers engaged, the contest greatly achieved co-marketing using their Instagram account.

Tentsile also puts extreme effort in posting stunning images of their products, in unique angles and places,that serves great in enhancing customer engagement.

Final Word

Instagram is a fertile place for any brand to plant its marketing seeds; especially at this point where it is not as crowded. Matter of fact, o nly 36% of marketers use Instagram as compared to Facebook which has over 93% of marketers crowded on the platform.
Such examples of big players who have made it, can surely give you an idea or two on what you can do to up your marketing game. 

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