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4 simple tricks to save money on your car insurance

Want to save some extra cash on your car insurance? Of course, you do; who would say no to that?

Here are four quick ways to save some major money, including cutting the extras, comparing insurers and driving safely (as if your life isn't enough of a reason).

1) Cut the extras

Each extra on your car insurance boosts the cost and might not be beneficial. Things like personal accident cover, driving abroad and theft from the car may already be covered by contents or travel insurance so check that you aren’t paying out twice.

2) Compare insurers

Comparison websites are a quick way to get a range of quotes but don’t forget that some insurers aren’t on there so you need to check them independently.

Once you find a cheaper quote, which has similar coverage to your existing insurance; check if your current insurer can match or even beat the quote. Insurers reward new customers but if you tell them you’re thinking of leaving, they might be able to arrange a special discount for you.

3) Change your job

When comparing, don’t forget that you can sometimes save money by altering your job title i.e. music teachers can save £80 by switching their description to teacher, although I’m not party to this stereotype about music teachers being bad drivers; maybe they’re concentrating too much on the radio?

4) Drive Safe

There are quite a few companies that give discount to safer drivers. The company installs a small box into your car tracking things, like braking and speed, via GPS. Some insurers will also prefer you to avoid peak accident times like late nights or early mornings. Certain companies offer this service via a smartphone app.

What did you think of these tips? Do you have any others that could help us save money? Comment below to share.

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