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Diabetic? Prepare now, to avert disaster

There’s no such thing as too soon to save your life

If you have diabetes, you know how serious it can get when you blood sugar is too high or too low. Symptoms can range from trembling to confusion to unconsciousness or even, in very rare cases, brain damage.

Sometimes you can resolve the problem with a sugary drink or by taking a walk but what about the times when your sugar levels are harder to manage? You’ll need medical attention but if you’re confused or lethargic, it might be hard for you to react in a timely manner or explain the problem to other people. Below are some ways that you can prepare for that situation.

Medical ID Bracelets

If you were to have a diabetic attack whilst in public, you’ll need to let any good Samaritan know what’s wrong. The easiest way to do this is with a medical ID bracelet.

Diabetes awareness isn’t what it could be in the general population so, in order to direct the average person to seek the right help, the medical ID bracelet can state that you’re diabetic and to ring an ambulance if you’re unwell.

Certain types come with a USB flash drive or QR code to provide further information about your health to paramedics and doctors.

Telling those around you

Hopefully your family and close friends will already be aware but it’s vital that you tell people at work. Your boss can allow you extra breaks if you need them and accommodate your needs.

Having an emergency kit

It’s a good idea to prepare an emergency kit to keep in your bag;

Medication (if possible): certain types of diabetic medicine must be kept in the fridge- if this is true of yours then include a note with the name and location of your medicine.

Sugary Snack: This could be a chocolate bar or high-sugar drink. However, it might be better to have a sachet of sugar because the glucose can be absorbed into the bloodstream quicker.

Next of Kin Details: Your phone most likely has a password on it and the first responder needs to know who to contact.

There’s no such thing as too soon to save your life. Talk to someone at your office or school, prepare an emergency kit and get a medical ID bracelet.

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