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When You Bike, We Bike, They Bike

The sun was shining bright creating a warm venue for everyone

Sadly, it seemed like it was over before it started, but it left a memory like no other.

The fall weather was crisp and clear. The sun was shining bright creating a warm venue for everyone. Thankfully, wind was nonexistent, which was a blessing for the audience and participants alike. The track was in no way professional. Instead, it was created out of a one mile square route around a mid-city park. The four roads bordering the park were closed with barriers set up to prevent the fans from entering the now professional pathway.

This type of event didn’t call for audience participation; however, it did require more than merely sitting and passively watching the action. The entire track was lined with people standing five to six deep. Many individuals brought chairs, but sitting was something of a faux pas. Often their only purpose was to hold fan paraphernalia – blankets, hats, jackets, mittens, and coolers full of food and drink.

Without a doubt, this was no event for the weak-hearted. If all went well, the action was over in the blink of an eye. But if there was the slightest flaw, the smallest issue, the tiniest problem or challenge, the calamity that would ensure was going to be nothing shy of overwhelming. Participants and fans alike were on high alert to maintain composure, keep their cool if problems arose.

The bell sounded and the activity began. Suddenly, what seemed like hundreds of colorful, fast-moving, expensive bicycles and their helmeted riders came barreling down the track. A few leaders broke out of the pack and a few lagers brought up the rear, with the most amazing section being the middle.

Shoulder to shoulder, neck to neck, bike to bike, riders were moving at lightning speed simultaneous with each other. The only sound to be heard was the wisp of wheel gears moving in unison. Their heads were down and their eyes were focused. The race was only a mile in distance, a short event.

Moments after the bike race began, those watching had lined up along the barriers hoping that their racer had broken out into the lead. Their heads were craned and their eyes were focused too. They were barely breathing, waiting and watching for the eventual end.

Thankfully on this day, no biker hit a bump. No biker stalled, stopped, skidded, or fell. As all bikers safely finished the route, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. This race wasn’t just about the winners, the losers, and the times. This race was about riding in one of the fastest bike events in its category and completing it without injury. Everyone was happy for such a happy ending.

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