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When We Welcome Winter

When we welcome winter, we feast in new ways

When we welcome winter, its personality shines. The cold winds blow. The sun hides. The dark and dreary clouds appear. Snowflakes fall, sometimes slow and sometimes not-so-slow. As the snow accumulates, so, too, do the winter wonderland possibilities. There are snow forts and snow fights, snow balls and snow sleds, snow angels and snow men.

When we welcome winter, the season returns the favor. That which may seem frightening, lonely, frozen, and dark turns into all that is brisk, funny, toasty, and white. We pull out mittens and mufflers. We keep our hats and coats at the ready. We wear layer upon layer of thick, heavy clothes. We expect cold and adjust our internal thermostat accordingly. We prepare and winter obliges.

When we welcome winter, we feast in new ways. Out goes the fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, and in comes the hearty winter soup and bread. We serve hot tea and hot cocoa in lieu of cold lemonade and milk shakes. The more we bake, the more we can be assured that hot food will be available to meet the coldest of times, and as a bonus, the kitchen will be warm.

When we welcome winter, we learn to be tolerant. Winter is a time that can present weather with a vengeance. Winter storms can close the entire world in its wake. If an ice storm is added on top of a winter storm, it is a double whammy that can put lives at risk and people in peril. At those moments, we hunker down, use sound patience and judgement, and prepare to outwait a weather-battle. We tolerate because we know that the end is just a season away.

When we welcome winter, we welcome the crazy-funny times. Ice-skating begins as does ice-fishing. People sled down snow-covered hills and ski down snow-covered mountains. Hockey players suit up and play while their fans watch every single movement of the puck. Those who are lucky and/or adventurous go dog-sledding, snowmobiling, or snowboarding. Somehow, there is a little bit of fun for everyone in winter, and a bit more fun for those who embrace the possibilities.

When we welcome winter, it is a short-lived effort. All seasons are brief, including the coldest one. There is no stopping the turn of time that brings the budding flowers, the face of the sun, and the gentle breezes of spring. With the passage of time, winter will just be a memory of the past and a glowing dream in the future.

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