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6 Ways Meditation Can Transform Your Daily Life

Here are 6 ways meditation can transform your daily life, as told from experience.

I had been curious about meditation for a few years, but never really got into it until recently. I was in Malta on a photography trip, and since I wake up way too early for the Mediterranean lifestyle, I decided to spend 10 minutes meditating each morning.

A month later, the results of this short exercise have totally shocked me. Here are 6 ways meditation can transform your daily life, as told from experience.

1. You’ll be much more patient

Patience is so scarce in our fast-paced world. It’s hard for me to slow down and meditation is a real game-changer in this sense.

One very useful exercise is to sit down and breathe deeply. Every in breath energizes you and every out breath relaxes you. Your brain catches up with that feeling super quickly and next thing you know, you’re super calm and don’t feel the need to go do a million things at once.

This patience translates into daily life, as you find yourself less annoyed when having to wait in line or when the guy making your falafel takes forever. My tip for adopting this calm is to meditate early in the morning, so that everything you do, you do with patience.

2. No more rushing

Meditation’s main goal is to have you pause for a minute and become aware of your mental and physical state. One of the exercises I do is scanning down very smoothly and slowly from head to toe, trying to understand how my body feels. That way I’m being completely in the present, not needing to go anywhere or do anything, eliminating all rushing.

This works out beautifully on my way to work, when I no longer kill myself trying to get to the office. The truth is that rushing will only make you anxious and this is not a sustainable way to live. Relax and remember that things will get done even if you don’t jog across the city center to get to work.

3. Your stress and anxiety will lower dramatically

This is a direct effect of adopting more patience and decreasing rushing. One of the best things about meditation is that it doesn’t just stop after the few minutes of practice. The techniques you learn carry over to the rest of your day.

After a few sessions, you’ll learn to naturally pause and evaluate your mood multiple times a day, which will help you analyze each situation and understand that some things are not stressing over.

4. You’ll be in better shape

No, meditation will not make you drop weight just by sitting down breathing, but what it will do is teach you to recognize when you’re hungry as opposed to stressed/ tired/ seeking comfort.

One of the reasons why so many people pack on pounds is that we eat for reasons that have nothing to do with hunger. For me, evenings after work are the worst because in my desire relax and empty my head, I put on Netflix and start devouring everything in my fridge.

Since meditation teaches us how to get in touch with the sensations we feel in our body, we will be able to tell when we truly need food and when we just want to lie down for a nap, therefore, cutting out the mindless snacking.

5. You’ll have better coordination

...and you’ll no longer run into people on the street. Meditation makes us move slower and with more focus, which will help your overall way of walking, will improve your posture and will bring more awareness to the movements you do throughout the day.

6. Outside factors won’t bother you as much

If you like me live in a city, constant noise, construction and traffic are just some of the dozens of stressors that bother us all day. Meditation helps you look inward more, focusing on your breath and your surroundings, paying less attention to the noise around you.

If you feel like you can’t focus because of your colleague speaking loudly on the phone, just start counting your inhale and exhales and soon, the stress will disappear.

Give it a try and see what meditation can do for you.

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