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How to Talk to Women

There are some things you should always do, and some others you should always avoid

Many guys have a hard time approaching a woman they find attractive. This is because they fear rejection or simply don’t have enough experience in the area. In order to successfully approach and form connections with women, there are some things you should always do, and some others you should always avoid. Let’s look first at what not to do:

What Not to do when you Talk to an Attractive Woman:

Don’t Fear Rejection: When a guy is afraid of being rejected, women can sense this immediately, and it’s very off-putting. It’s why so many guys struggle with connecting and see it as difficult. Focus on having fun when you talk with a woman, instead of focusing on a goal (like a date or getting her number). This will help you come across as confident and focused, instead of fearful.

Don’t use One-Liners: Attractive women have heard more one-liners than you realize, so don’t be another one of “those guys.” Instead, be genuine and bring up relevant, thoughtful topics.

Don’t try to Impress: Trying to come across as impressive just makes it seem like you’re bragging. Women respond better to a guy who acts genuine and shows that he cares to learn about her, not just talk about himself. You will have plenty of chances to share about yourself when you get a conversation flowing naturally first, which brings me to tips for doing that.

What to Do when you Talk to an Attractive Woman:

Do Ask Good Questions: Make sure that you are asking questions that invite more details from her instead of simple “yes or no” questions. You can ask her what the highlight of her week was, or what she is most passionate about at the moment. This focuses the conversation in a positive direction and will make her feel good about you.

Do Listen Well: Always listen well when you ask a question, or she will notice that your attention has wandered and probably won’t be happy. Make eye contact about 60 percent of the time and don’t ever pull out your phone when she’s speaking.

Do Be Direct: Once you have a positive conversation flowing and things are going well between you and her, you have nothing to lose by being direct. Tell her you’re interested and would like her phone number, or a date. If you do try to set up a date, being specific is best. Name the time and place, then tell her you’ll see her there. Following all of these guidelines will help you speak with attractive women easily and never struggle in this area again!

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