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Get Your Money to Make You Money

Choosing which investment type fits best for you and your lifestyle is imperative in making the right decision for your money

Investing can be farfetched to the average person. We often see business men and women who have gained much success just be taking a few risks with their finances. We’ve also seen the horrible stories of loss due to market drops. The horror stories are the ones that stick out most making us feel a bit apprehensive about investing our hard earned money. However, there are some low risk investing tips that will help you gain wealth and generate income while working. Knowing and understanding just how the market works can get you prepared for placing your money in other areas than the bank to earn more!

What is investing?
Investing your money means that you are taking a portion of your funds and spending it on a company stock or property in hopes to earn a profit. Investing can be defined in one way but the types are categorized in various areas. Choosing which investment type fits best for you and your lifestyle is imperative in making the right decision for your money. 

Types of investing opportunities
Financial Schemes – Financial Schemes otherwise known as “pyramid schemes” are the most common styles of investing. We see them every day on social media, email blasts, and from day to day interactions. With this style of investing, you are placing funding into a small business (usually $25-$100) only to joining a community to recruit others to do the same. Although some have found small success in supplementing their income, it is best to not look to this type of investing for long term goals with your money. In this style of investing, your time is spent working to convince strangers or people you know that this business model is best to gain more money. However, in most cases on the initial contact, the true intentions of the business is not often revealed until money is placed within this business. This is hard to convey to others that choosing to expend your money here will show great rewards because you’re not able to give further details regarding how the operation works off hand. Another drawback, these companies do not have the longevity as in other investment opportunities. Many can suffer a great loss of time and money in if the business suddenly dissolves. The get rich quick message of this investment style is often frowned upon due to its lack of long term rewards.

Real Estate or Commercial Property – Investing money in private or commercial properties is gaining more popularity. More education is now more available than before in smaller communities due to the successful individuals in this area taking the charge of spreading the word about this type of investing. Real estate investing is buying a home/apartment then renting it out or selling to gain a profit on their property. Homeownership is part of the American Dream. Owning an investment property only expands on this dream to gain wealth. Commercial property investing is spending funds on business properties to set up brick and mortar shops to sell their products and services. Take a look at shopping centers. You may notice a “For Rent” sign in the window of an abandoned store front. The owner of that particular store will rent out that space and gain a profit from that business’s rental fees. This can also take place with owning land and buildings for business rental spaces.

Businesses – Investing in an actual business can be tricky as depending on the industry there is a high risk of the business folding. In some business investment agreements, the investor has a hand in how the company is operated to ensure that their money is being put into good use and managed properly. If you are business savvy, knowing the constant operations of the business you’ve invested in and having a say can help gauge the how the business is ran and making the best decisions in keeping it afloat.

Stocks - You hear about the stock market on a daily basis. Investing in stock means that you are buying a share (part ownership) of a publicly traded company. In this instance, you are not on a board of directors nor have a hand in the company’s business decisions. This is thoroughly based on research in the company’s assets and their business advancements. If there is potential in the businesses growth, many chose to invest when the stock price is low in hopes to reap the benefits of the company’s gains. Although this category of investing can be highly risky, there are ways to start off at a lower risk level when first starting to play the stock market game. Speaking with a financial advisor who specializes in this area can help in making wise choices in purchasing shares.

Investing your money has some risks however working for a corporation can be risky as well. The company can dissolve, layoffs, getting fired, medical issues that prevents you from performing normal tasks can hinder in continuing in your regular employment. Making investments while you’re capable can help supplement income as well as save your finances for a future gain.

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