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Fly with Like-Minded Individuals

An eagle can never ask a turkey about flying. Why? Because the turkey never leaves the ground

When you have a dream, goal, or an aspiration, its best to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. It is possible for your dreams to demise by constantly speaking about them around others who just don’t get it. An eagle can never ask a turkey about flying. Why? Because the turkey never leaves the ground. Eagles are meant to soar but those flight plans will be placed on hold by listening to the turkey’s vision and fears about taking flight.

This is the same with you. Why surround yourself with people who are afraid to fly? If you listen long enough, you too will become amongst the fold, discouraging others to stay grounded. Yes when going after your dreams, some plans will have to be realistic but how can you do the impossible by staying inside of the comfort zone of possible? Seeking help and advice from people who jumped without a parachute is a great way to express your vision without the worries of “It won’t happen.” Talk to people who MADE it happen.

Starting a business:
Get with a mentor who has started a business from the ground up. Learn from their successes and their failures. Ask as many questions as possible. In addition, work with those who are starting up a business as well. Feed off of each other’s ideas and provide positivity as starting a business can be a very hard process. Speaking with those who are negative and do not have this type of passion can cause you to give up quickly. Some do not understand the risks taken and the major rewards that comes out of not giving up and looking on the bright side.

Crossing items off a bucket list:
Have you ever wanted to do something fun but crazy?! Like jumping out of an airplane or ride as many roller coasters in one day. Go do it! Find some adventurous friends to take on these journeys and leave behind the fearful ones. Don’t fall into the concerns of others as they will become yours. The only fear you should have is the regret of not trying at all.

Traveling and seeing the world can be a rewarding, inspiring, and life changing experience. Those who think of the finances before the experience often allow the burdens to keep them ground instead of taking that flight to a new city or country. You never know the opportunities that can arise through random travels. Meeting kind strangers and trying new foods can enhance the adventure and open you to a new world! Find some dependable travel buddies and plan that trip. Don’t wait around for that family who never follows through or that BFF who can’t seem to find time in their schedule. It’s ok to leave those behind to take on new things in your life.

Taking leaps of faith in what you want to do in life can bring peace, adventure, and even wealth. Never feel guilty about not expressing our dreams or plans to those who don’t understand. It will drain you constantly when you’re fed these things that may detour you from living the life YOU want. Find your fellow eagles and FLY!

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