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Who should be considered wise

Thought about wisdom

Some people consider those studying all the time and having degrees from prestigious universities, as wise.

Some will consider their physician to be wise and some will say “a professor is so wise”.

Some will say that an inventor, whose invention changed the world, is wise, but I ask myself who is really wise.

Who can I define as wise?

If I take the academic scholar, for example, One can say that the scholar is not that wise, but rather collects a lot of information of other people.

If I review the physician or the professor, I come to the same conclusion.
And with respect to the inventor who changed the world – one can say that the inventor just reached the right conclusion at the right time, and didn’t create anything truly new.

So, who is truly wise? There has to be someone who is wise.

After much thought, I have realized that each of us is wiser than those around us in some respect. For example, the neighborhood plumber is wiser in plumbing than any of the aforementioned.

The mechanic is again, wiser in his/her field.
Therefore, if we see the larger picture, we are all wiser together.
Each one of us holds some knowledge that no one else has.

We don’t need to feel like someone else is wiser than us.

If we experience life correctly, we see that every day we learn new things and traits, small and large, never knowing when we will use these.
Some have to learn from others and some learn just by living.

So don’t let anyone tell you that you are not wise – know that you are the wisest in the world!

Everyone can learn a lot from you and you can learn from anyone else.
Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise! 

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