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What is poverty

Is there really such a thing as poverty

I always wondered, what is poverty? What does it mean, to be poor?
Is there really such a thing as poverty?

And yeah, sure everyone'll say that clearly, there is poverty in the world. And I said that, too.

But the way I see it, poverty isn't relative, it has nothing to do with what other people have. It has to do with things I have no control over.

What I mean is:
When they say that countries suffer from hunger or poverty, and they do, it's relative to the rest of that country. I was reading an article about Venezuela and it said that the urban population there can't even provide themselves with basic necessities, because they were so used to just getting things that other people manufactured for them, off a shelf at the supermarket. And now those shelves are empty.

And not only that – even if there is something they want, they can't buy it, because everyone can only buy what it say they can on these little vouchers that they have.

Take Africa for example.
Yes, food is scarce.
Yes, there is disease.
But is there really "poverty"? Some people say that poverty is relative, and compared to the rest of the population, there's no poverty.

To me, poverty isn't relative at all, and I come to conclusion that eventually the local population there taught itself how to rely on itself to sustain itself through hunting and gathering, finding food in the trees and figuring out which insects are okay to eat, and things like that.

And this didn't happen in Venezuela, where the population can't fend for itself, and people depend on other institutions to provide for them.

So poverty isn't about the clothes you wear or the phone you use.
It's about how you feel about what you do have.

And as long as I can provide for myself from what I have around me, I'll never consider myself poor.

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