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The little things that change our lives

A lot of small things happen to us every day...

A lot of small things happen to us every day.

Most of them we ignore, but every one of them affects us and alters us – sometimes in trivial ways, sometimes in meaningful ones.

We tend to remember the bigger ones, and the change they incite in us.
We generally don't sweat the small ones, though often they provoke the most meaningful changes.

A brief story:
Whenever I had to read a text out loud I'd start to stutter. When I'd read by myself, though, everything was fine and the text would flow easily.

It was extremely frustrating.

One day my big sister heard me reading out loud, and immediately said, "Even back in first grade mom used to work with you on your reading."
I should mention that my mother passed when I was 6.

After that I realized that every time I read out, I probably go through being with my mother again, and that this was what brought on the stutter.

In a few days the stutter was completely gone, and if I would've missed that small comment from my sister it probably would have stayed with me forever.

Now, at age 30, I lost the fear of never being able to read stories to my kids.
Today I read them bedtime stories, and I love it.

So we should always notice the small everyday things that happen to us.
Like I said, we already notice the big ones.

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