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Everyone tells me I should quit smoking

People tell me to quit

When people tell me that smoking's bad for you, I say, "depends on the person, it works great for me," and explain.

Any doctor will tell you how unhealthy in is to smoke. It causes so much sickness. We've seen so many horrible pictures of the damages.

Not to mention that daily toll it takes on us – the smell from our breath and our clothes, feeling rejected everywhere because of modern awareness. And at least once every day, someone asking us how it is that we still haven't quit. And I still light up, every time.

I've quit smoking three times so far.

The first time lasted 18 months.
The second time, a year.
The third time, I said to myself, "okay, I can't do this by myself, time to bring in the experts."

I went to some mysticism clinic who specialize in smoking cessation. They did their thing, I gave them my hard-earned cash, and quit for 8 months.

After that, I went to a doctor, who gave me special pills for quitting. I didn't smoke for another 8 months.

After all of these attempts, I came to a conclusion of my own.

Whenever I quit, I found myself eating obsessively, and much more irritable. I gained significant weight and no one could stand to be around me because I was so cranky the smallest things would set me off.

So I decided to keep smoking, for good.

This is healthiest for me – I'm not constantly frustrated by the fact I'm a smoker, I'm back to my old weight, and to my calmer self.

So don't go telling me it's unhealthy to smoke. To me, it's very healthy.

So if you haven't tried kicking the habit yet, try, and you'll hopefully succeed.
If you've never smoked, don't start.

And if smoking is healthier for you, smoke, and quit feeling guilty.

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