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Producing free time for free

It seems impossible to find any free time

No matter how hard we try, as adults, it seems impossible to find any free time. The older we get, the more we're expected to handle, and our tasks require more and more of our personal time.

But we rarely stop and think how to save time in each of these tasks. For example, if the children have some after school activity, we could try to get them into the same ones as other kids from their class, and the parents can carpool.

When I started my aquarium hobby, I bought a massive 185-gallon aquarium. It used to take me an hour and a half to change the water, and now it takes under 15 minutes because I'm constantly thinking of ways to optimize the process.

When you clean the house, don't leave stuff on the floor that you'll need to move.

When you're cooking, it's possible to make a great meal with little effort – pasta, rice, dishes who spend most of their preparation time cooking in the oven.

When you have a garden, don't plant anything that requires extra care or professional gardening.

Automate everything you can. Check yourselves – what spends most of your free time, and how can that task be shortened. Everything in life can be streamlined to save precious time.

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