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Living in the present

Living in the present or in the future?

When you're born, you don't really know what you want to do, apart from eating, drinking and sleeping.

When you grow up a little, you just want to keep growing and growing.
When you're pre-kindergarten you want to be in the big boy kindergarten.

When you in kindergarten you want to be in 1st grade.
Once you hit 1st grade, you want to reach the last grade in your school, and once you've reached that, you want to move to middle school.

As adults, we're still in that same race, still want to be in some other time.
Some wait to be married, some wait to be parents, etc.
When I look at my kids, while they do want to be in another time, they never forget to enjoy the one they're in.

The question is, do we?

Mostly, we don't. Most people race through life, forgetting to live it. Once we stop – intentionally, not because something else stopped us – we'll see that every single day is filled with amazing experiences that we never notice.

We shouldn't do this occasionally – we should do this every day. Stop and think of the bright moments we've had, the new faces we've seen.

Stop troubling ourselves with what will come, waiting for it, only for it to be a much deal than we'd anticipated.

Once you start living this way, life is much simpler, and you stop wasting energy on what will be, and enjoy what is.

From the day I met the love of my life, every year was better than the one that came before. After 5 years, I started to be fear it, thinking it's impossible for things to be this good.

I started asking myself when it'll inevitably end.
Those were hard time. And it would indeed be over soon.
Then I decided that I should just enjoy it, and when it ends, it ends.
Once I came to that decision, it didn't end. In fact, it just got better and better.

Ever since then I've been living in the present, enjoying it, and occasionally peek into the future, and make sure everything fine there, too – not the other way around, living in the future, peeking to the present.

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