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Why am I so miserable

Do I really miserable

I'll start with a little story...

One morning me and my six years old child walked down the street and came across a woman with a blind walking stick.

My child immediate response was "what a poor woman"
I have asked him , "How you can determine that she is poor"
and then I explained him that there are many poor people in the world but it's not about what they have...

I can show you a lot of people who can see and still feel miserable and people who do not see and are very happy.

Many people who have legs and can go wherever they want to and always stay at home and those who do not have legs and will not stop travelling.

Then I told him a little story
When I was in your age my mother passed away, in those years the thing that bothered me the most was the sad look from my friends, like if I am miserable   .
My friends were always telling me "mother fucker" and then immediate
"Sorry, sorry didn't mean it...".

What really hurt me is to feel different from them, when they saw me as a poor child.

We need to think about people, but we have to realize we will never know what happens to them, if they are happy or sad.

What we see is actually always translated from our thoughts and our thoughts are made from the people around us.

So we as humans, although it is difficult, need to understand what we think and what we feel... if the environment has drive us to think so, or because it's true.

In other words do not let anyone think you are miserable or poor,
Most importantly you should not see yourselves as unfortunate.

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