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How to succeed in life

Our success is how we define it

Anyone can do well in life, and this won't be about my definition of success.
Our success is how we define it, and everyone defines it differently.

I want to talk about financial success, making a lot of money.

Some will follow the herd, always after the next best thing. Either that, or be mediocre in a bunch of things. This is the most common mistake.

We should focus on a single thing and be the best we can at it, specialize. It's not easy, true.

For example, I went to study computer science and it was hard, studying it as well as starting work as a programmer. But I enjoyed every minute of it, both my degree and my job.

And then came the despair, what's referred to as the daily grind. I kept looking for incentives. Then I got a raise, and that motivated me, but only briefly.

I was about to quit my job and go back to being a farmer, but I got lucky, stayed, and over the years gained a great deal of knowledge. I became a professional.

True, it wasn't exactly my dream. But it gave me the ability to enjoy the rest of what life has to offer. And today I don't really need to work hard, because I only take a job when I feel well-rewarded for it. I couldn't afford to do this if I'd have quit back then.

You can change jobs, and even your entire field of work, but what's important is that our new job takes advantage of all the abilities and knowledge we've gained so far. Don't start at the beginning each time – progress from the last point you've reached.

That's how financial success happens.

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