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Why should I give donation to others?

Should I give donation?

Some would say that everybody should contribute to save the environment,
and some would say that donation is a must to help the ones that don't have money or food.

Others would say that there are many reasons to donate.

So I begin with a little story,
A few years ago I used to go once a week to the cinema, and there behind a small stand, short women sold toys charging very high prices.
My desire to help her made me to buy what she sells. 

On the third time I wanted to buy, she made a miserable face and told me to double what I gave, obviously I didn't bought but I felt a little bad...

A few weeks later I saw her going on a luxurious SUV that even I can not afford
and I was glad, my bad feeling stopped. 

Then I realized why I donate, I donate to buy a good feeling!

We can not really change the environment by donating money, food or clothes but we can always feel good about it.

A friend once told me "Don't give a hungry man fish, give him a fishing rod to catch food and he will not need your help anymore",
Me and my friend debated on this, do fishing rod really going to help this person?
and if not how can we help others? 

So I think the answer is we can not help a person who is not helping himself.
The only one who can change something is the person himself,
All financial or material help is only makes that person more needy.

And for that short woman, She found her solution with the toys and this is honorable...

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