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Thoughts about real man

What I think about a real man

A real man is the one who does not fear of what people say about him.

The one who has confidence in what he is doing and do not get me wrong, not the one who has excessive confidence because it always indicates a compensation for a weakness...

It really does not bother him what the society thinks about him,
and he always think that when people are talking about him or mention his name,
they obviously have good things to say, because there isn't really something bad to say about him.

Real man loves human environment and not afraid to say what he thinks about others.

At the end of the day a real man goes to bed knowing that each passing day is the most perfect day of the year.

Just do not forget that always things happen along the way, and sometimes there are hard times, and a real men do not ignore them but looks ahead, he understands that in the near future, it will be much easier than what it feels like now.

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