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Who should be considered beautiful

Thoughts about beauty

I am a man in his 40's and recently, I have been feeling more handsome than ever.

This is quite strange to me, especially since I haven’t changed my appearance at all.

After all, it’s not reasonable that a 40 year old man should feel more handsome than he did in his youth, as everyone says that beauty and youth are interchangeable.

However, I beg to differ – If you examine your life, you’ll see that you always seek change when you are going through a bad period at work or in your day-to-day, but when you are going through a good period and love your life, this reflects on your external beauty as well.

When you feel handsome or pretty, then everyone around you can see it too.

How many times have you seen a couple and wondered “what is she doing with him” or “what is he doing with her”. I don’t think it is because of money or any other reason, It is simply because they radiate beauty.

When we radiate beauty, everyone around us can feel it.

When I was a young man, I couldn’t see how handsome I was and could only see what I needed to change about myself.

Today, I place myself in a world that is based only on the good, and even if something is currently bad, it is only because things are about to change for the better, and I feel handsome.

Therefore, the day you realize that you are not beautiful because of who is next to you, will be the day you will be most beautiful.
What’s sad is that this doesn’t happen overnight, It’s a process we all go through.

So, it doesn’t have anything to do with external looks and everything to do with what we project and radiate.

Because, it doesn’t matter what people say about us – it’s most important how we feel about ourselves.

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