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What we want and what our children want

what our children want?

We always think that we put what our children want first. But if we truly look, we are driven but what we want, and nothing else.

A brief story:
My boy's been playing little-league soccer for two years now.

During the first year they lost every single game, and the parents would constantly blame the coach.

At the end of each game the kids were happy, actually, despite the loss, but the parents never noticed, and kept pressuring the coach.

The next started, and they started losing again. During the final game the team was leading by a point, but most children weren't playing. They lost again, that time.

When the game was over, the atmosphere was terrible. The kids were sorely disappointed, not because they'd lost, but because they didn't even play, or their friends didn't.

Some of them wanted to quit the team altogether.

When I asked my boy how he felt about the game. He told me, "I wanted us to lose. I even told my friends that when we were in the lead."

The parents never managed to understand how their children could be having such a good time despite constantly losing. The kids were enjoying being with their friends, playing soccer.

That team taught them a lot more than just being competitive.

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