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I'm always horrified by parents who say "my kid doesn't like eating"

our children absorb information like a sponge

Like I always say, our children absorb information like a sponge. So that's true for this, as well.

One day my kid says to me – I don't eat avocados. I tried it and I don't like it.
We were at a tapas restaurant. One of the dishes had avocado in it and the kid just flat out refused to try it.

Without getting too excited about this, I suggested – maybe the avocado you tried back then went bad or something, but you should try this one. If you don’t like it you can take a napkin and spit it out.

And so he tried, and liked it so much we ordered another one. I wanted to emphasize this for him, so I said – that other time you tried could've been bad for a million reasons, but it's still really important to always try again, so you won't miss out on any new flavors.

A lot of parents just enforce that thought in their children's mind, "my kid doesn't like eating something", and every time we say that, we enforce it further. And it doesn't even matter if we say it when the child is listening, because we end up convincing ourselves that the kid doesn't like to eat.

We can even cause eating disorders this way – some kids just stop eating avocados and it ends with that, but some take it further.

Like I always say, it's the little things – they're the ones that stay with us, and they're the ones to look out for.

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