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My family

Thoughts about my family

written by Al toledo  Topic Family

Our families provide us with the very best moments.

When we fail, they are there to pick us back up.

When we succeed, their right there, sharing our happiness, cheering us on.

A family never judges us for making mistakes. At the end of the day, everyone makes mistakes. And the best thing about a family is that it lifts us up.

It's true that we tend to forgive our biological family more quickly. But we should stay away from family that doesn't live up to these standards, even biological family.

To define our family, we should look for people who provide us with these things. Sometimes it'll be your biological family, and sometimes not.

When I define my family, I look for the people who make me saddest, or happiest, or the most anything. Whoever makes you feel that way – that's your family.

That's where you belong.

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